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10 inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan Skillet

10 inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan SkilletThis 10 inch (25cm) cast iron frying pan will last a lifetime! Made totally from solid cast iron this pan will give you years and years of good service for very little effort. Already pre-seasoned so you don’t have to mess about seasoning this frying pan when you receive it, you can just heat the pan and cook your eggs, steak, chicken, fish (or anything else) as soon you receive it. Cast iron keep its heat incredibly well and distributes that heat throughout the frying pan to help you cook your food evenly and the great thing is this pan is suitable for all cookers (except microwaves). Cast iron really is a dream to cook with, no need to buy useless plastic utensils to use with this pan because it’s totally safe to use your usual metal utensil and over time you will find the pan will evolve a non stick coating that is far better than most supposedly non stick frying pans, which helps promotes a healthier cooking style because you can use less and less oil.

Buy this excellent value pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan for £17.50

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Le Creuset Cast Iron Black Enamel

Le Creuset Cast Iron Black Enamel – 28cm

This Le Creuset frying pan is a heavy weight top quality cast iron enamel pan finished in black (click here for more size and colour options).

Finished internally in satin black this pan is ideally suited to frying as well as sauteing.
A feature of these pans is the phenolic handle enabling the frying pan to be placed inside an oven up to 190oC.

Glass lids are available separately and can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here

The 28cm pan is £88.01 and to buy or for more information please click the shop now button below
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