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Swiss Diamond 24cm Frying Pan

swiss diamond 24cm frying panWhilst there is no denying this Swiss Diamond frying pan isn’t as cheap as chips, one thing that can be said for it is that it’s got a non stick coating to really shout about. Swiss Diamond’s non stick technology has been awarded the prestigious “Gold International Inventors Award”.

Made from cast iron with real diamond crystals this frying pan will give you great heat distribution and a fabulous non stick surface that is so good you can use metal utensils with it! Perfect for low fat cooking because of its extra thick Swiss Diamond non stick coating. This frying pan is suitable for dishwasher use and can be used on electric, gas, ceramic and glass induction stove tops.

So if you are tired of buying non stick frying pans for them to only peel their coating after a short amount of use, why not try a Swiss Diamond pan but don’t just take our word for it click through and read the review from a very satisfied customer.

Click here to buy this Swiss Diamond Frying Pan for £86.00

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