Copper Frying Pan

In many people’s opinion copper is the best type of pan to own. It is true that it is a little more expensive than some other kinds of pan but copper pans last a lifetime, with a little care and attention a copper frying pan will look beautiful long after you have thrown away your less expensive and less impressive standard type of frying pan and had to replace it with another.

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat which is why it’s so popular with chefs and families alike. If you were to cook the same dish in different types of pan you would see that copper is the right choice for even cooking and it has excellent controllability. There are some myths about copper pans not being safe for cooking but this is simply not true, a copper pan whether lined in tin or stainless steel is perfectly safe to cook with. So why not buy a beautiful copper frying pan because years after you purchased it, it will still look stylish, still be totally practical and will still last years longer, long enough to be passed on to younger generations of your family even.

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