Seasoning Cast Iron Pans

One of the most popular types of frying pan is the cast iron frying pan because if looked after a little it could last lifetimes; you could literally pass it onto your children because cast iron is really that long lasting. Used in professional kitchen the world over they are used because they’re sturdy, once seasoned rust free and give great non stick results

Here’s a guide to how to season your frying pan

  • Preheat your oven to 150oC, 300oF or gas mark 2
  • Firstly most cast iron pans come with a waxy coating on them so you need to scrub the pan really well with a wire stainless steel scourer and plenty of hot soap water to remove this coating. If your pan doesn’t come with this coating then a good wash with hot soapy water will be sufficient.
  • Then gently warm your pan on the stove, you don’t want it to get too hot just warm. Then coat the inside surfaces of your pan with either vegetable oil or lard
  • Allow to carry on heating until the oil in your pan gets to a ripple stage, then tip out any excess oil and wipe with some kitchen paper
  • Place your frying pan in your preheated oven for around 45 minutes to an hour, then take your pan out of the oven and allow to slowly come back to room temperature. Do not plunge in to water to speed this process up

There you have it one seasoned frying pan. Never wash your pan in the dishwasher or scourers with abrasive pads, just use warm water with a little soap and you pan will come up like new.

Sometimes over a period of time you may find that this coating wear away in places, this however isn’t a problem as the process can be repeated whenever you feel is necessary but with proper care your cast iron frying pan will build up an natural non stick coating you will love

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