Cast Iron Frying Pan

Cast iron is a popular choice of cookware especially for people who own aga’s. It is also the popular choice for chef’s to as it is strong, robust and doesn’t warp.

Although cast iron takes a long time to heat up due to the thickness of the metal it is a great conductor of heat, staying hot even after you have turn off the heat source.

Cast iron is also good for using from the stove straight into the oven, making it perfect for chef’s in restaurants. It is also very good for using with things that require long slow cooking. It is however rarely suitable for halogen or ceramic hobs and it doesn’t often come in non stick.

Cast iron frying pans need a little care and attention when purchased to get them in tip top condition but after that your pan should last you a life time.

When you first purchase your pan you need to season it, which will involve generously coating the frying pan in oil and baking for a long period of time to bake the oil into the pores of the pan. After this has been done a few times your frying pan will form a natural non stick coating.

For information on how to properly season a cast iron frying pan click here for our guide.

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