Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel 20 cm Non Stick Frying Pan (Tefal)

Jamie Oliver 20cm Tefal Frying PanJamie Oliver and Tefal have come together to make a frying pan they are proud of. This frying pan’s interior prometal pro premium non stick surface is excellent and with the famous red thermo-spot to help you, you’ll always know when your pan is at the perfect temperature to cook your food.

This frying pan’s exterior is finished in 18/10 polished stainless steel which is hard wearing and keeps looking great for years, just throw it in the dishwasher and it will come out looking great.

A new feature that has been added to this frying pan is a copper ring and heart base for optimal heat distribution and control. This frying pan is suitable for all hob types including induction and is oven safe to 260oC (Gas mark 9). But that’s not all this frying pan comes with a lifetime guarantee for not just the pan but the non stick surface too.

Buy this Tefal made, Jamie Oliver branded, Non Stick Frying Pan for £48.00

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Circulon Elite, 30cm Hard Anodised French Skillet Frying Pan

circulon 30cm frying panThe fabulous non stick frying pan is brought to you by Circulon Elite, made from a Patented Total Ti Titanium composite with a Hi-Low Non-stick Release System which is exclusive to Circulon products and gives great resistance to abrasion and allows you to use little or no oil in your cooking making it instantly healthier for you.

Circulon is a brand that has been trusted by cooks for years, when Circulon was first introduced its non stick system was so unique in durability that is was granted a patent.

The handle is made from stainless steel and silicone which is comfortable in the hand, cool to touch, so it won’t heat up and burn your hands and it is also safe for use in the oven.

This frying pan’s dimensions are 32.5 cm x 11 cm x 54 cm, making it a good sized frying pan for everyday use in the home.

Buy this Circulon frying pan for £42.00 with Free Delivery (RRP £56)

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Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Frying Pan

This 22cm non stick frying pan is made by the world renowned brand Le Creuset which is a brand known for its high quality, durability and style. The pan is made from toughened non stick on both the inside and the outside, making it a dream to clean and cook low fat food in as there is no need to cook with lots of oil to prevent the food from sticking to the pan. This fabulous toughened non stick coating is so good that you can even use metal utensils whilst cooking with this pan.
This frying pan is versatile, light enough for everyday use and has a secure, riveted, cast stainless steel handle, it also comes with a 10 year guarantee.  This Le Creuset pan is suitable for all cooking heat sources including induction and is oven and dishwasher safe.

Buy this Le Creuset Frying Pan for £43.23

Circulon Steel Elite Stainless Steel Covered Saute Pan

This Circulon frying pan is 24cm and holds 2.8 litres, making it a really good sized frying pan for all your family’s needs. Made from stainless steel on the outside with Circulon’s famous non stick coating on the inside, this pan is guaranteed to outlast all other stainless steel non stick pans.

This frying pan is ideal for deglazing meats as it is designed to allow trapped moisture to escape to aid even browning and has an impact bonded base for excellent heat distribution with no hot spots. Because this is a sauté pan, the pan has sides and a lid making it also useful for making stir fry’s, chillis and casseroles. Oven safe up to 180oC/gas mark 4 and comes complete with a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee.

Buy this Circulon Steel Elite Frying Pan for £50.77 with Free Delivery!

Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Try Me Frying Pan

This 24cm frying pan made by Tefal and endorsed by Jamie Oliver is made from stainless steel with an interior made from Tefal’s Premium Prometal pro non stick coating. This coating gives added protection against scratches and damage to your frying pans cooking surface.

Tefal’s famous “thermo spot” is featured with this frying pan, helping you know when your pan is preheated to its optimum temperature so you can seal your food and cook it to perfection. This 24cm frying pan is dishwasher safe and has stay cool riveted handles so you don’t burn your hands whilst handling the pan; the pan is also oven safe to 260oC.

This Stainless Steel frying pan is suitable for use on all heat sources including induction and what’s more the non stick coating comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Buy this Jamie Oliver Tefal Frying Pan for £34.79

WMFToptec Frying Pan – 28cm

WMFToptec Frying Pan – 28cm

Made from cold-forged aluminium this frying pan manufactured by WMF features a NanoDur multislide non stick finish to all surfaces. Thanks to it’s construction process this frying pan has excellent scratch resistant properties giving the pan real quality feel that you know can stand up to years of use.

This WMF Toptec frying pan is suitable on the majority of hob types with the exception of induction.

If you require a different size WMF Toptec frying pan then please click here for our extensive range.

This superb frying pan is available for £70 and to buy or for more information please click the shop now button below
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Mauviel Copper Frying Pan – 22cm

Mauviel Copper Frying Pan – 22cm

This Mauviel Copper frying pan complete with stainless steel lining is the perfect heavy duty, catering quality, frying pan for professional or keen amateur chef. Backed by a generous 25 yr guarantee this pan is available in sizes between 22cm and 30cm with handles availble with either bronze or cast iron handles that you can be sure won’t melt when you place them in the oven.

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This professional grade frying pan is available for £138.60 and to buy or for more information please click the shop now button below
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Raymond Blanc by Anolon – Twin Pack

Raymond Blanc by Anolon – Twin Pack

Endorsed by Raymond Blanc these Anolon Stainless Steel Non-Stick frying pan set comes with a lifetime guarantee. The smaller frying pan is 20cm with the larger pan being 24cm. Also known as French Skillet these pans feature a heavy duty anodised coating to esnure fast and even heat distribution that is suitable for all types of cooker tops except induction.

Once used these Anolon made frying pans can be placed into the dishwasher for easy clean up.

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This double frying pan set is £51.83 and to buy or for more information please click the shop now button below
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Swiss Diamond 24cm Frying Pan

Swiss Diamond Frying Pan – 24cm

For the larger family this Frying Pan from Swiss Diamond offers fantastic versatility so you can fry, sear or saute using this one pan. If the frying pan is too small or too large for your requirements then we also have the frying pan available in 24, 26. 28 and 32 centimetres. Click here to shop for different Swiss Diamond Frying Pan sizes

Swiss Diamond pans feature Diamond Nano Technology making the pan incredibly tough and resistant to chips, warping and peeling.

This 30cm pan is £80.49 and to buy or for more information please click the shop now button below
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Le Creuset Cast Iron Black Enamel

Le Creuset Cast Iron Black Enamel – 28cm

This Le Creuset frying pan is a heavy weight top quality cast iron enamel pan finished in black (click here for more size and colour options).

Finished internally in satin black this pan is ideally suited to frying as well as sauteing.
A feature of these pans is the phenolic handle enabling the frying pan to be placed inside an oven up to 190oC.

Glass lids are available separately and can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here

The 28cm pan is £88.01 and to buy or for more information please click the shop now button below
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