Tefal Armatol 28cm, Thermo Spot – Non Stick Frying Pan

Tefal Frying PanBrought to you by Tefal this 28cm Non- Stick frying pan is made extra tough with a durable non-stick surface to help you cook your food without the need for lots of oil to prevent food sticking. The frying pan also has an anti warping base and includes the “famous” thermo red spot technology that tefal has become known for.


The thermo red spot technology was developed to allow Tefal’s customers to know when their frying pan was at the optimum heat for cooking, the red spot is visible on the frying pan at all times but it only becomes a solid red spot when the frying pan has been preheated to just the right temperature for cooking.


This frying pan is 28cm wide and is suitable for all heat sources (excluding induction) and after you have finished cooking in your Tefal non stick frying pan it’s a dream to clean too.

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