Meyer Stainless Steel French Skillet Frying Pan

Meyer Stainless Steel French Skillet Frying PanIf your budget can’t stretch to a high quality non stick frying pan then this frying pan is an excellent choice for your home. This stainless steel pan does not have a non stick coating but it is a great pan for use in the kitchen. Whilst non stick frying pans get all the glory about being fabulous and so easy to use, this is not always the case if your budget is on the lower side, when it comes to non stick coatings you tend to get what you pay for.


A stainless steel pan will keep looking good for years and will certainly outlast some less expensive non stick frying pans. Stainless steel is a fantastic conductor of heat, which means you can get a really high heat into your pan before adding your steak, chicken, fish, vegetables etc. Not only will you get great colour onto your food, you can also rest assured that you’re not going to ruin a non stick coating because your heat’s too high.


Stainless steel frying pans are less time consuming than cast iron frying pans but with a little care and attention they too will begin to produce their own non stick coating. This frying pan is 30cm; full measurements are 53.5cm x 32cm x 15cm, it has an aluminium base to provide even heat distribution and it is suitable for all cooker types including induction.


A fabulous frying pan to will give you years of good service.

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