Jamie Oliver Hard Anodized 30cm Frying Pan (Tefal)

Jamie Oliver 30cm Tefal Frying PanThis frying pan is brought to you by Jamie Oliver and Tefal. If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver then you will have noticed that he uses these Tefal pans on all of his tv shows. Have a look at his recent shows like “Jamie’s 30 minute meals” and the” Jamie at Home” series and you will see the very distinctive red spot that is always present on his non stick frying pans.
This frying pan is 30cm which is 12 inches, so it’s a good sized frying pan for the whole family. It is also hard anodized which means it’s long lasting and hard wearing. No need to panic when your teenager uses metal utensils on it because it’s perfectly ok to use metal utensils on this frying pan’s non stick surface.

Buy this family sized 30cm Tefal Frying Pan for £42.40 (RRP £54.00

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