GreenPan Fryin Pan

It can be hard to find a frying pan that actually cooks things evenly and that will not get damaged after continuous usage. Luckily this frying pan from GreenPan works very well and will hold up to even the toughest usage. The frying pan is called the Vienna Hard Anodised Aluminium frying pan and is 28 cm. It features a ceramic coating that will heat up to 450 degrees Celsius and it will not stick to any food. It was made in an environmentally friendly way and it features a rubber grip for added comfort that is made out of recycled materials.

The pan is made of thermalon which will heat food evenly without burning it. Even if it is left on a hot stove, the frying pan will not become damaged thanks to its high quality materials. If you want to protect the environment in any way that you can and you love to cook, then this pan is the one for you! Anyone who loves to whip up a meal from stay at home mums to professional chefs will love this pan due to its sleek design and easy cleaning.

What can be better then not having to scrub the dishes when you have just slaved over a fabulous meal? Leave that for the dishwasher!

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