26cm Le Creuset, Cast Iron Frying Pan in Cerise


26cm Le Creuset Cast Iron Frying Pan in CeriseThis Le Creuset cast iron 26cm frying pan is cerise with a satin black interior and with just a few little simple instructions it will give you years of good service.


Cast Iron is a fabulous conductor of heat and is robust enough for almost all you can throw at it. Use this frying pan and you will notice how the cast iron surface absorbs the heat, spreading it throughout the pan to give you an efficient heat for cooking almost anything.


This frying pan is suitable for use in the dishwasher as well as being safe to use on the hob, in the oven or even in the freezer! This particular frying pan is Cerise (red) and looks great but it is available from Le Creuset in other colours like the well known Volcanic (orange), Teal, Granite, Blue, Black and Almond.

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