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Fryingpan.org.uk is a comparison site that pools together different brands of frying pan into one easy place to be viewed with ease. We do not have favourite brands or type of materials; we believe that the choice is yours. One thing we do recommend is that you buy the best quality frying pan you can afford because you really do get what you pay for. If you want a non stick frying pan then be prepared to spend good money to get a high quality non stick surface that will last and won’t bubble and peel after a couple of weeks. However if your budget happens to be a little on the low side then don’t despair, just be a little savvy with your money. When your budget is a little small we recommend a good quality stainless steel pan, it’s a far better option than a cheaper non stick pan and stainless steel will stand the test of time.

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GreenPan Fryin Pan

It can be hard to find a frying pan that actually cooks things evenly and that will not get damaged after continuous usage. Luckily this frying pan from GreenPan works very well and will hold up to even the toughest usage. The frying pan is called the Vienna Hard Anodised Aluminium frying pan and is 28 cm. It features a ceramic coating that will heat up to 450 degrees Celsius and it will not stick to any food. It was made in an environmentally friendly way and it features a rubber grip for added comfort that is made out of recycled materials.

The pan is made of thermalon which will heat food evenly without burning it. Even if it is left on a hot stove, the frying pan will not become damaged thanks to its high quality materials. If you want to protect the environment in any way that you can and you love to cook, then this pan is the one for you! Anyone who loves to whip up a meal from stay at home mums to professional chefs will love this pan due to its sleek design and easy cleaning.

What can be better then not having to scrub the dishes when you have just slaved over a fabulous meal? Leave that for the dishwasher!

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Mauviel Copper 22CM Frying Pan

Mauviel Copper 22CM Frying PanHaving a suitable and durable frying pan on hand is essential for any kitchen and cook. Of course, you don’t want to go out and purchase just any frying pan, as some are not worth the price, while others don’t provide a suitable cooking surface. This is where the Mauviel Copper 22cm frypan comes in. This product is fashioned out of copper, which is an excellent conductor of heat. This means the pan heats up faster, allowing you to cook your food quickly. This is not the only feature of the frypan though, as there are several other specifications.


The handle of the frying pan is made out of cast iron, allowing it to withstand high heats and even be placed in the oven. Do make sure to use an oven mitt when picking up the Mauviel copper frypan though, as even if used on a stove top, the handle tends to become hot.


On top of this, the copper frypan also is dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to sweat over cleaning the pan in a sink. Plus the interior stainless steel design of the bottom plated copper frypan is nonstick, so the food cleans off the pan easily.

Buy this quality copper frying pan for £140.72

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10 inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan Skillet

10 inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan SkilletThis 10 inch (25cm) cast iron frying pan will last a lifetime! Made totally from solid cast iron this pan will give you years and years of good service for very little effort. Already pre-seasoned so you don’t have to mess about seasoning this frying pan when you receive it, you can just heat the pan and cook your eggs, steak, chicken, fish (or anything else) as soon you receive it. Cast iron keep its heat incredibly well and distributes that heat throughout the frying pan to help you cook your food evenly and the great thing is this pan is suitable for all cookers (except microwaves). Cast iron really is a dream to cook with, no need to buy useless plastic utensils to use with this pan because it’s totally safe to use your usual metal utensil and over time you will find the pan will evolve a non stick coating that is far better than most supposedly non stick frying pans, which helps promotes a healthier cooking style because you can use less and less oil.

Buy this excellent value pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan for £17.50

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Tefal Armatol 28cm, Thermo Spot – Non Stick Frying Pan

Tefal Frying PanBrought to you by Tefal this 28cm Non- Stick frying pan is made extra tough with a durable non-stick surface to help you cook your food without the need for lots of oil to prevent food sticking. The frying pan also has an anti warping base and includes the “famous” thermo red spot technology that tefal has become known for.


The thermo red spot technology was developed to allow Tefal’s customers to know when their frying pan was at the optimum heat for cooking, the red spot is visible on the frying pan at all times but it only becomes a solid red spot when the frying pan has been preheated to just the right temperature for cooking.


This frying pan is 28cm wide and is suitable for all heat sources (excluding induction) and after you have finished cooking in your Tefal non stick frying pan it’s a dream to clean too.

Buy this Tefal Armatol Frying Pan for £19.99

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Swiss Diamond 24cm Frying Pan

swiss diamond 24cm frying panWhilst there is no denying this Swiss Diamond frying pan isn’t as cheap as chips, one thing that can be said for it is that it’s got a non stick coating to really shout about. Swiss Diamond’s non stick technology has been awarded the prestigious “Gold International Inventors Award”.

Made from cast iron with real diamond crystals this frying pan will give you great heat distribution and a fabulous non stick surface that is so good you can use metal utensils with it! Perfect for low fat cooking because of its extra thick Swiss Diamond non stick coating. This frying pan is suitable for dishwasher use and can be used on electric, gas, ceramic and glass induction stove tops.

So if you are tired of buying non stick frying pans for them to only peel their coating after a short amount of use, why not try a Swiss Diamond pan but don’t just take our word for it click through and read the review from a very satisfied customer.

Click here to buy this Swiss Diamond Frying Pan for £86.00

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Meyer Stainless Steel French Skillet Frying Pan

Meyer Stainless Steel French Skillet Frying PanIf your budget can’t stretch to a high quality non stick frying pan then this frying pan is an excellent choice for your home. This stainless steel pan does not have a non stick coating but it is a great pan for use in the kitchen. Whilst non stick frying pans get all the glory about being fabulous and so easy to use, this is not always the case if your budget is on the lower side, when it comes to non stick coatings you tend to get what you pay for.


A stainless steel pan will keep looking good for years and will certainly outlast some less expensive non stick frying pans. Stainless steel is a fantastic conductor of heat, which means you can get a really high heat into your pan before adding your steak, chicken, fish, vegetables etc. Not only will you get great colour onto your food, you can also rest assured that you’re not going to ruin a non stick coating because your heat’s too high.


Stainless steel frying pans are less time consuming than cast iron frying pans but with a little care and attention they too will begin to produce their own non stick coating. This frying pan is 30cm; full measurements are 53.5cm x 32cm x 15cm, it has an aluminium base to provide even heat distribution and it is suitable for all cooker types including induction.


A fabulous frying pan to will give you years of good service.

Buy this Meyer Stainless Steel Frying Pan for £27.25

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26cm Le Creuset, Cast Iron Frying Pan in Cerise


26cm Le Creuset Cast Iron Frying Pan in CeriseThis Le Creuset cast iron 26cm frying pan is cerise with a satin black interior and with just a few little simple instructions it will give you years of good service.


Cast Iron is a fabulous conductor of heat and is robust enough for almost all you can throw at it. Use this frying pan and you will notice how the cast iron surface absorbs the heat, spreading it throughout the pan to give you an efficient heat for cooking almost anything.


This frying pan is suitable for use in the dishwasher as well as being safe to use on the hob, in the oven or even in the freezer! This particular frying pan is Cerise (red) and looks great but it is available from Le Creuset in other colours like the well known Volcanic (orange), Teal, Granite, Blue, Black and Almond.

Buy this Cast Iron Le Creuset Frying Pan for £77.14 with free delivery

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30cm Raymond Blanc by Anolon

Anolon is a brand known for its excellent quality and they are putting their money where their mouth is with this non stick frying pan because it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Made from hard heavy gauge hard anodised aluminium this frying pan is not only non stick, it has great heat distribution, allowing the heat to be evenly shared throughout the pan.

At 30 centimetres this frying pan is a great size for the whole family’s needs and you will be able to cook for all your family and friends with ease making it perfect for that cooked breakfast treat at Christmas. This pan is suitable for all cooker hob types apart from induction and it is also oven and dishwasher safe, not that you will need to wash it in the dishwasher because with its DuPont’s advanced autograph gourmet non stick interior it makes washing up a breeze.

This frying pan is also perfect for people who want to lose some of the Christmas bulge because the unique non stick system allows for cooking with little or no oil and the food won’t stick.

So get yourself a good non stick pan and don’t settle for second best because a good pan will last you years.

Buy this Anodised Frying Pan for £36.12

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Jamie Oliver Hard Anodized 30cm Frying Pan (Tefal)

Jamie Oliver 30cm Tefal Frying PanThis frying pan is brought to you by Jamie Oliver and Tefal. If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver then you will have noticed that he uses these Tefal pans on all of his tv shows. Have a look at his recent shows like “Jamie’s 30 minute meals” and the” Jamie at Home” series and you will see the very distinctive red spot that is always present on his non stick frying pans.
This frying pan is 30cm which is 12 inches, so it’s a good sized frying pan for the whole family. It is also hard anodized which means it’s long lasting and hard wearing. No need to panic when your teenager uses metal utensils on it because it’s perfectly ok to use metal utensils on this frying pan’s non stick surface.

Buy this family sized 30cm Tefal Frying Pan for £42.40 (RRP £54.00

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